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"Connor is extremely happy to be going on to play division one baseball and we are happy that he will get a quality education."
- Kathleen Morrisroe


Better Yet... let a nationally Renowned Division 1 Pitching Coach And Recruiter Guide You By Hand Through The Process 
     Welcome to our 1-On-1 Remote Coaching program where you will work directly with Division 1 Pitching Coach and Recruiter Wayne Mazzoni for 6 months. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with thousands of players as a collegiate coach and developed methodologies proven to work with pitchers of all likes and sizes. 

If you've struggled to make progress working with other coaches, traveling to instructional camps, or even buying online courses, then this is your shot to turn it all around. Players have driven 3 hours each way for in person lessons with Coach Mazzoni because of the success he's had in developing pitchers. And now you can receive his mentorship without ever leaving your house as this program is conducted 100% online.


  • You are a highly motivated and driven pitcher
  • ​You have a positive attitude and a thirst to pitch at your full potential
  • ​You are a high school age pitcher that knows deep down there is more in the tank.
  • ​You aren't afraid to hear the unfiltered truth about your current level and prospects
  • ​You are willing to commit to giving it your all for at least 6 months



Forget scavenging the internet for answers, trying millions of programs, or flying to camps all across the country only to come up short. Now you can pull out your phone, ask your questions or send a video of your pitching motion and get a trusted answer sent right back to you.

Velocity & Pitch Development

Pitchers have experienced velocity gains of 3-5 mph after their very first session because of Coach Mazzoni's unique approach to developing velocity. You will also learn his 5 laws of biomechanical musts when it comes to developing elite velocity. Not only that but you will learn to control and harness your newfound velocity so that as your velocity increases, so does your command and movement.

Unlimited Video Analysis

As your progress will typically be faster than with a normal training program, you will receive an unlimited number of personalized video analysis from Division 1 Coach Wayne Mazzoni as you need them and when you need them instead of on a limited schedule with most other training programs.

True Accuracy Drills

Submit videos of yourself performing your customized drills to leave no question in your mind that you are doing them accurately and effectively. It's like having a coach no matter where you are. Allowing our players to achieve results faster than they ever have before.

Anytime Access Through The Coach Now App

When your goal is to achieve maximum improvement in the shortest amount of time, only having contact once or twice a week is counter productive. That's why you have anytime access to Coach Wayne Mazzoni through the Coach Now App. You can leave messages, submit videos, send photos and it will all be stored in the app for you to refer back to at anytime so you never have to worry about 'trying to remember what he said.' Giving you absolute clarity over what needs to be done.

Customized Practice Plan

You'll receive a customized practice plan based on your biggest needs for where you are right now. The key to a successful practice plan is having one that you will actually do. Because Coach Mazzoni is able to get down to the root cause of issues that you may be experiencing, he is able to simplify your practice plan to as little as 3-4 specific movements/exercises to focus on for when your time is limited and still see big results.

Customized Mental Training

Becoming an elite pitcher starts with the space in between your ears. The stakes are higher, the scrutiny is more intense, and the stage is bigger at the college level. A big key to your success at the next level comes down to your mental toughness and ability to handle adversity and high pressure situations. It's become so important that 26 out of the 30 MLB teams now employ sports psychologist or mental skills coaches.

It may sound unbelievable, but Coach Mazzoni has even been able to increase a pitchers velocity by up to 3 mph just by tweaking their mental approach on the mound. 

Custom Recruiting Plan & Guidance

Let's face it. The recruiting process can be daunting, but not so much when you have a nationally recognized Division 1 recruiter by your side. Coach Mazzoni will help you formulate a recruiting plan and follow along with you as you execute it step by step. Depending on your age, Coach Mazzoni can help you navigate selecting travel teams, showcases, camps, teach you how to communicate with recruiters, critique recruiting videos, and give you advice on what specifically to say in your emails. 

This alone could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every year by being able to skip certain showcases or unneeded recruiting events.

Custom Throwing Program

You'll  receive a custom throwing program to safely increase your arm strength and velocity, similar to ones being used at the Division 1 level. If appropriate, this may even included weighted ball programs. 

College Attribute Identification

Identify what makes you unique and valuable to the college game. Then learn to amplify it and put it on showcase rather than let it be coached out of you.



Everything you are going to learn has been verified and validated by Coach Mazzoni himself over the past 25 years of working with thousands of players of all types and sizes. Pitching mechanics have been verified by video analysis and through a state of the art biomechanics lab.


One of the main reasons this program gets results where others have failed is because of how we individualize the application of our proven principles to each athlete. Rather than trying to force a pitcher to fit within a certain set of rules, we look to see how we can use our principles to enhance the natural way an athlete moves and performs on the field. 

If you take a look at the current top MLB pitchers, virtually no one throws exactly the same. Yet, they all take advantage of 5 foundational pitching principles. So your training shouldn't be so rigid to where you are doing the exact drill in the exact same way as every other pitcher.  

Rather than limiting your body and trying to teach it to move in a way best suited for the general population, your training will be specifically formulated to enhance the way your body naturally wants to move. Increasing your natural athleticism and shortening the learning curve. Leading to faster and more effective results. 


One of Coach Mazzoni's biggest strengths is his ability to relay information to his players so that they have a clear understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it. One method is side by side video comparisons with college or pro pitchers that have a similar pitching style. Allowing players to not only visually see what they are working to accomplish but how other pitchers with a similar style are implementing these principles themselves.

There are 3 main reasons why your pitchers understanding is placed at the forefront of this program: 

  • Increases compliance with the program. The more you understand why you are doing something and value behind it, the more likely you will do it. 
  • Protection. It's unavoidable that you will receive unwarranted advice/opinions from other players, parents, and even other coaches. Although they may be well intentioned, what works for one player doesn't necessarily work for another, and not having a strong understanding behind your mechanics will not allow you to filter out the good advice from the bad. 
  • You are ALONE on the mound. When you are standing on that mound, it's you against the batter and no one else. Your pitching coach can't come to the mound after every pitch nor can your teammates. You need to be able to make adjustments on the fly and for that you need a deep understanding behind everything you are doing.  Hence, although it may seem counterintuitive, one of our goals is for you to rely on Coach Mazzoni less and less.


As the name implies, the 1-on-1 Remote Coaching program is 100% online. So you can live anywhere in the country and never miss a session.

The program is billed month to month but we ask that you commit to the process of transforming who you are on the mound for at least 6 months. 

That being said, we have full expectations that you'll begin to see results within the first 1-2 weeks.

First you'll set up a time to undergo an extensive evaluation similar to the one Coach Mazzoni takes his Division 1 players through. This will give you and him a clear vision of where you stand physically, mentally, and skill wise.

Next, Coach Mazzoni will guide you through a customized version of his proven roadmap to develop you into a college bound pitcher. This encompasses all aspects of your game: mental, physical, and skill. Because you will now have the inside track of working with a current Division 1 recruiter, you will not only be developing the areas of your game to pitch at your full potential, but you will also be specifically working on areas that scouts are focused on. 

In between sessions, you will be able to communicate and ask any questions directly to Coach Mazzoni through the CoachNow app. You can also submit videos of any drills you are working on to make sure you are performing them correctly. There is no limit on your communications with him. 

You can even invite any coaches or parents to your personal 'CoachNow space' so that they can follow along in your progress and instruction and have everybody on the same page.

Then, when appropriate, you will work directly with Coach Mazzoni to develop your personal recruiting plan and he will be there to walk you through every step of the process for as long as you are in the program. Determining what camps and showcases to go to, how to communicate with coaches, how to display your best attributes, and much much more. As well as what NOT to do at various events and showcases that will immediately  turn coaches off to you.


Enrollment into the 1-on-1 Remote Coaching program is by application only.

Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of pitchers in the Remote Coaching program for two reasons:

(1) Coach Mazzoni is a current Division 1 coach so he obviously has responsibilities to his team. Therefore, he only has so much time available to mentor additional pitchers on a 1-on-1 basis.

(2) This program was started as a way to 'put the ladder down' and pave the way for the next generation of pitchers so we understand that it is significantly underpriced compared to companies offering related services. 

Frankly... we don't care.

We wanted to make this program as accessible to as many people as possible but at the same time have enough of a financial commitment that players have to take it seriously.

For example...

A company providing similar recruiting services would run over $7,000!
But that's just for a fraction of what you'll be receiving through the Remote Coaching program.

To work with Coach Mazzoni in-person for just twice a week for 6 months would run you $7,200 ($150/session x 48).

So to get a similar package of recruiting and pitching development, it would cost you $14,200 over 6 months.

So you could see that 6 months of UNLIMITED coaching and recruiting services from Division 1 Coach Wayne Mazzoni would be a steal even at $5,000.

But again, we wanted to make this program accessible for as many people as possible...

So if you apply and are accepted into the Remote Coaching program, it's a flat fee of only $300 per month and you can cancel at anytime.

However, do not expect to be accepted into the program if you are unable to commit to the process of being a college ready pitcher for more than 1-2 months.

If you are ready to work with a Division 1 Pitching Coach and Recruiter to develop your velocity, secondary pitches, command, recruiting process, and much more... 

Then all you need to do is click the button below that says "I'M IN." 

You'll be taken to a survey to apply to the program and if you are accepted, you will be emailed a link to join the program.

If you have any questions about the program, you can reach out to Coach Wayne Mazzoni here.

Hear From Our College and Pro Pitchers
"I would drive an hour and a half both ways just to get the opportunity to work with him."
"Wayne has a really unique way of communicating with players to help them develop."
"His methods have not even been discovered by the coaches in the minor league level"
"Because of learning one lesson... I've gotten myself to playing college baseball."

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