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"Baseball facilities, travel teams, and showcases are filled with kids who are SURE they are on the right path to pitch in college...yet only 3.6% do.  How do you really know if you're right?!"
Are You on the Path to Pitch in College?
My name is Wayne Mazzoni and I have been a college baseball coach since 1992.
The last 15 years as pitching coach at Sacred Heart University.

If you’re in the northeast you know us well. If not a quick google search will tell you we are an NCAA Division 1 program with a great deal of team and individual pitching success.

In addition to coaching and recruiting I have a busy in person and remote pitching coach business and run many camps and clinics throughout the year.  (See testimonials)

As you may have guessed recruiting is a big part of my college coaching job.

But for a minute put yourself in my shoes.

When you learn about a talented pitcher (through watching him at a camp, game, or on video) the next steps are pretty obvious.

I make a phone call to start the recruiting process, get a transcript, set up a visit, etc.

However this is about 2 pitchers out of every 50 I see. That's only 4%.

Which does seem to be about the averages based on the data.
If 7.3% of players move on to college, roughly half are pitchers, or 3.65%

Most high school aged pitchers I know have a goal to play D1, which if you do the math, only 1.1% will achieve.


Every pitcher thinks he's on the right path to become a college pitcher.

After all you play on a travel team, follow a strength program, do velocity training, have a great pitching coach (usually a recently released minor leaguer) and are spending a lot of money, time, and energy in reaching their goal.

However, 96.35% of kids will wind up playing D4 in college.  THERE IS NO D4!  

Now when college coaches see a D4 level pitcher they simply move on.  They don't write you back, they don't follow up on you, they just move on. 

Not me.

I’m on the planet to coach people.

I don’t care what your current talent level is as long as you have the desire.

But the problem is convincing you that what you’re currently doing might not be what it takes to reach your goal.

Because for the 55,000 plus seniors each year who DON’T pitch in college most are left to wonder what went wrong.

Didn’t they do everything they thought they should.

When I run prospect camps I get to spend about 90 minutes talking with the 30 to 40 pitchers who are at the camp.

We talk about mechanics, pitch development, strength programs, mental training; in other words their development plan and it all sounds great.

It sounds like I’m going to see some great delivery, legit velocity guys with command of three pitches.

Then they actually pitch.

And my heart breaks.

My heart breaks for all the time and money they are spending on this endeavor and it’s not working.

My heart breaks as a parent because I know how much we want our kids to be happy and reach their dreams.

And because most parents have either little ability to evaluate their child’s development program or they have few local choices they just figure if their kid seems happy it must be the right path.

Sorry but it’s most likely not.

So if you’d like someone to give you an impartial evaluation of your development plan, I’m your guy.

I’ll basically give you an evaluation that falls into one of three categories.

1. You are already a college level pitching talent. It’s just a matter of time before you get through the recruiting maze and find a place to play.

2. You are on your way to becoming the above. You just need to grow, mature, and continue what you’re doing. There are no obvious red-flags that appear to be in your way.

3. Based on where you are now, unless serious change happens, you will not become a college pitcher. Lift all the weights you want, throw all the plyo balls, go to every showcase under the son, and keep doing lessons with your current pitching coach as if it’s all going to lead to the promise land but it won’t.

The fee for this is only $49 and as you may have guessed my normal rate is a lot more.  

Because I love to help, I could give it to you for free.  

But as they say, making you put a little skin in the game, let's me know 1) you are serious and 2) you’ll show up to our session thus protecting my time.

So if you feel my 30 years of coaching experience and hundreds of thousands of hours working with all levels of pitchers can help you then click on the button below to get started with an evaluation of your development plan.

We spend a half hour getting to know each other, review your plan and video, and if you like, we can talk about if a future coaching relationship makes sense.
Hear From Our College and Pro Pitchers
"I would drive an hour and a half both ways just to get the opportunity to work with him."
"Wayne has a really unique way of communicating with players to help them develop."
"His methods have not even been discovered by the coaches in the minor league level"
"Because of learning one lesson... I've gotten myself to playing college baseball."

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